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Microscope Starter Kit

Microscope Starter Kit
Price: $27.00

Microscope starter kit includes the DVD "Adventures with a Microscope", Super Slide Kit and access to our password protected Educational Resource Section of our website.

Super Slide Kit:

  • 10 blank glass slides
  • 2 well depression glass slides
  • box of 100 glass cover slips
  • eye dropper
  • 10 prepared slides including:
    • onion root tip
    • bacteria (3 types)
    • monocot and dicot
    • woody stem cross section
    • 3 types of plant leaves (cross sections)
    • human blood cells
    • cross section of an earthworm
    • insect legs
    • flea
    • cross section of a pine needle
    You can view images of the ten prepared slides here.

DVD "Adventures with a Microscope":

This DVD has four main sections with 13 chapter points and was meant to be used with Microscope World's super slide kit.

Part 1 (12 min) - How to use a microscope and prepared slides. We show you everything you need to know for getting the most out of your microscope.

Part 2 (15 min) - Investigating Cells, five engaging demonstrations of observations that you can do with plant and animal cells.

Part 3 (22 min) - Observing Prepared Specimens. Here we spend time showing you what to look for when using the 10 prepared slides in the Super Slide Kit (there are 10 individual chapter points on the DVD for easy access).

Part 4 (15 min.) - Investigating Pond Water. This section is awesome! You will see many microscopic critters found in pond water. See protozoans splitting and watch the food chain in action! With your microscope, you can find these same organisms in lakes, streams, aquariums and even an old rain puddle.

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