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Swift Lab Microscope Manual

Swift Lab Microscope Manual
Price: $80.00

Swift Lab Manual: Learning Biology with a Digital Microscope. This Swift Lab Manual is designed with the biology teacher in mind. Created to be used with the Swift Digital Microscopes, this manual provides a platform where teachers can give students the opportunity to discover the wonders of science. Developed in collaboration with TERC, a leader in STEM research, this manual contains 20 hands-on learning activities linked to National Science Standard and Key Textbooks. Each bullet point listed below is a classroom activity. The lab manual provides step-by-step instruction student sheets that are easy to follow and insure the activites are classroom ready for teachers. Background info and activity overviews provide guidance for teacher preparation.

Getting Started

  • Microscope calibration
  • Understanding Magnification and Scale
  • Exploring Microscopic Pond Life

Structure and Function - Comparing and Contrasting Cells

  • Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells
  • Protista and Fungi
  • Plants - Elodea Leaf Cells
  • Animals - Human Cheek Cells
  • Cell Specialization

Structure and Function - From Structures to Functions

  • Investigating Locomotion
    • Not All Movement Is Life
    • Methods of Locomotion in Pond Water
    • Paramecium on the Move - Cilia
  • Investigating Feeding and Digestion
    • Digestion in Protists
    • Hydra Feeding
  • Investigating Reproduction
    • Mitosis

Behavior - Responses to Environmental Conditions

  • Salinity
    • Changes in Salinity - Osmosis
    • Amoeba and Salt Water
  • Temperature
    • Daphnia Heart Rate and Temperature
  • Light
    • Immediate Reactions to Light - Chloroplasts
    • Immediate Reactions to Light - Amoeba
    • Reactions to Light - Pond Protozoans
    • Long-Term Reactions to Light - Populations

Standards Matching

  • National Science Education Standards
  • California: State Standards
  • Florida: State Standards
  • New York: State Standards
  • Texas: State Standards

Textbook Matching

  • BSCS Biology: An Ecological Approach
  • Glencoe Science Biology (National Geographic)
  • McDougal Littell Biology (Stephen Nowicki)
  • Prentice Hall Biology (Miller and Levine)


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