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Science Set: Microscope Slides, Activity Book, Starter Kit

Price: $22.00

Microscope Super Slide Kit

This microscope super slide kit contains everything you need to get started using your microscope including blank slides, cover slips, eyedropper, prepared slides and activities and educational information to go along with the prepared slides.

Slide Starter Kit:
The slide starter kit contains slides that are ready to view and match up with activities in the pdf print out book. The kit also has materials required for making your own slides. The slide starter kit contains the following items:

  • 4 Prepared Slides that match up with the activities in the handbook printouts including an earthworm, flea, Daphnia, and pine needle cross section.
  • 2 Blank Glass Slides
  • 2 Depression Glass Slides
  • 100 Glass Cover Slips
  • Eyedropper

 USB Flash Drive PDF Handbook:

 This handbook contains 29 pages of useful information about the microscope, activities for kids that correspond with the prepared slides in this kit, and information on how to prepare your own slides. The flash drive contains pages on:

  • Proper Use of the Microscope
  • Microscope Diagrams
  • How to Keep the Microscope Clean
  • Activities: Microscope Crossword Puzzle, Microscope Questions
  • How to Prepare Slides and Make Permanent Slides
  • Pine Needle Illustrations, Information, and Activities
  • Earthworm Illustrations, Information, and Activities
  • Fleas Illustrations, Information, and Activities
  • Daphnia Illustrations, Information, and Activities

View a sample worksheet "Proper Use of the Microscope" from the teacher handbook.