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Swift MA533 Microscope Dust Cover

Swift MA533 Microscope Dust Cover
Price: $9.00

Swift MA533 large dust cover. Exterior dimensions are 17.5" H x 18" L. For use with the following Swift Microscopes:

  • Swift M3500 Series Microscopes
  • Swift M3501DF
  • Swift M3501CL
  • Swift M3503DF-4
  • Swift M3503CL-4
  • Swift M6000 Series Microscopes
  • Swift M6001CL
  • Swift M6001CL-S
  • Swift M6003CL-4
  • Swift M6003CL-4S
  • Swift M7000 Series Microscopes
  • Swift M7000CB
  • Swift M7000DB
  • Swift M7000CT
  • Swift M5 Series Microscopes
  • Swift SM90 Stereo Microscopes
  • Swift M28Z Stereo Microscopes
  • Swift M29TZ Stereo Microscopes
  • Swift M2252DGL Digital Microscopes
  • Swift M3500DGL Digital Microscopes
  • Swift M6000DGL Digital Microscopes
  • Swift M10L Digital Microscopes - Any Digital tablet microscopes require a large dust cover to fit over the tablet and the microscope.


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